typewriterWhen making the decision whether to modernize business processes, we all consider whether it will save us time and money.  However, there are some very important supporting questions to ask before upgrading and streamlining current methods.  Of course, in the end, these factors will positively affect your bottom line and free up valuable time.

Smart decision-makers ask themselves these questions before migrating their current processes to a new software tool:


  1. Will it benefit my customers?

key1nobgDoes this new software give my customers something they aren’t currently getting?  Maybe it’s simplified accounting, at-a-glance job tracking, or cloud access.  Whatever it is, you want to make your customers happier and not disrupt the current flow.  If they notice a change, ensure it is a positive one.

  1. Will it make my team happy?

key2nobgEmployees should feel empowered and unburdened by new software.  Make sure it is intuitive and allows for collaboration.  Let key team members participate in the decision-making process.  Delegate some of the research – it will benefit everyone.

  1. Will it provide something new?

key3nobgYou want to upgrade your process, so make sure it is giving you something new.  Perhaps there are features that you always meant to implement but couldn’t find the time or the proper method.  There’s always a good chance you’ll find something useful that you hadn’t considered before.

  1. Will it grow with my business?

key4nobgThere’s no point investing in a new process that is not flexible.  Processes and technology are constantly changing, just like your business.  Don’t just evaluate the software, but also look at the software company.  Do they stay current with trends?  Do they offer consultancy?  Will they customize based on your requirements?

  1. Can I try it out for free?

key5nobgDon’t invest in something without trying it out first.  It’s just like buying car.  Do your research and test drive the ones that spark your interest.  Take advantage of free trial periods.  Set up a reminder on your calendar before the free trial ends, to avoid unnecessary charges or interactions.  Some companies will even let you test drive the software without asking for your credit card information. If you can get a free demo like this, it’s the least risky way to go.

Considering modernizing your job management process or software?  Take a free test drive of BizWorks.  Don’t see what you need?  Contact Us.  If you have any questions regarding modernizing business processes – or tips of your own – please comment below.