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We Are Grass Roots Software

A software company focused on building custom software solutions for your business and customers.

We are a technology company that offers enterprise software services to medium and large organizations in the U.S.

Our service offerings focus on Enterprise Applications, Web Applications and Cloud Enablement. We work as your technology partner to transform your business and deliver measurable results.

We take pride in providing Business Value – the most important outcome of any engagement.

Our partnership approach ensures that the time spent on contracting and governance is minimized, allowing us to focus on delivering technology solutions aligned to your business vision.


Our Name

Lets face it, Grass Roots Software does not sound very technical. However, it was purposefully chosen as it symbolizes our passion – To simplify the life of everyone around us.


Start-up Mentality

We’re all about minimizing governance and giving everything we have to every project we undertake.


The Right Skillset

Whether the project needs 1 or 100 professionals, every team member is hand picked (carefully selected) to ensure they add value to the project.



Our deep technical experience gives us the confidence and edge in creating the most complex technical solution.

ENCORE – A Proven Approach to Successful Projects


Our ENCORE approach gels with your existing development methodology, and creates a very effective collaborative layer for successful projects. Driven by our simple, yet powerful philosophies of Engage, Collaborate, and Realize, our ENCORE approach leads to most the strategic solution in every engagement.

ENCORE model infographic
ENCORE model - Engage


Our customer-centric approach begins with engaging with you at multiple levels to understand not only the project goals, but also your business, infrastructure, and processes allowing us to create a perfectly aligned solution.

ENCORE model - Collaborate


With our ENCORE approach, your business knowledge and our technical expertise come together to ensure we arrive at the most strategic solution.
We leverage business insights to ensure project milestones are aligned to your business objectives.

ENCORE model - Realize


Project execution always gets our undivided attention – after all we’re hired to deliver a successful project.
Our collaborative ENCORE approach allows us to source projects with the right resources at the right time to ensure a cost-effective, and value-driven execution.

Collaborative Engagement Model

Optimize cost of operations and deliver high-quality projects every time.

Our core guideline of ENGAGE, COLLABORATE, REALIZE, is at the heart of the Collaborative Engagement Model. It’s a simple yet powerful methodology that co-opts the customer into the project workflow and creates a collaboration layer within the engagement.

The collaborative workflow is designed to optimize the cost of operations and deliver high-quality projects.

Our engagement model is designed to overcome traditional process weaknesses by aligning to your business vision and tailoring solutions that create value for your customers.


Felixible and Collaborative Workflow


Minimize Governance and Control


Professional With Right Skill Set


Trusted Partnership


Right Team At the Right Time

Leadership Team

Our team has years of experience in creating innovative solutions for the most complex business challenges.

Subodh Gauniyal

Subodh Gauniyal

Co-Founder & Director, Technology Solutions

Most recently serving as Director of Development for a Fortune 500 company, Subodh has the expertise to manage your solution from beginning to completion. He has a strong technical background coupled with years of management experience. His ability to lead a team, communicate successfully with clients, architect solutions, combined with his unique knowledge of the industry, make him a valuable asset to your team and ours. Subodh has the knowledge and dedication to drive any solution.

Shannon Hudson

Shannon Hudson

C0-Founder & Director, Solutions Architecture

Shannon has over 16 years in the software industry. Her technical and project management skills make her a knowledgeable architect and engineer who has the ability to organize and manage a project successfully. Shannon is well versed in Agile methodologies, team leadership, and software development. She has experience in developing complex integration solutions and has worked on a large scale service management product from inception to release to market. Shannon is passionate about creating top shelf software and enjoys bringing ideas to life.

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