Introducing BizWorks™ for Managing your Projects!

BizWorks™ is a powerful solution for managing all of your projects, from creating Customer Quotes to Job Completion. Test Drive BizWorks™ Today!
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BizWorks™ Advantage

Get Started in Minutes

Bizworks™ is ready to go as soon as you are. You can start managing your projects immediately – as opposed to days, weeks, or, in some cases, even months.

Nothing to Install

Being a completely cloud-based solution, there is never a need to install anything on your servers or computers. All you need is a modern browser of your choice, and you are ready to go.

Access from Anywhere at Anytime

Your team can access it from practically any device with web access and a browser.

Robust Security

BizWorks™ uses Google’s infrastructure to give you the best possible security. Users are also authenticated via trusted Google authentication.

Branded for your Business

Easily customize BizWorks™ with your Company logo and access it through your company domain.

BizWorks™ has what you need to start managing Customers, Quotes, Projects, and more - in just minutes!

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BizWorks™ Feature Overview

Informative Dashboards

BizWorks™ provides powerful dashboards which give at-a-glance status of all your active projects.

Quickly Create Customer Quotes

Quickly create Customer Estimates for Products and Services. Easily associate Quotes to Customers and Vendors. Add Task Details for each line item in the Quote.

Manage your Customers and Contacts

Quickly create and manage your Customers and their contacts. Customers managed in the App can be easily associated to any Quote.

Manage your Suppliers and Vendors

Quickly create and manage your 3rd party Vendors and their contacts. Include information on products and services provided by the Vendor, and associate them to any Quote.

Secure User Access

Control Access Levels to the App and its functionality. Use the default Google Authentication or optionally switch to other federated services like Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

Save Task Details

Save task details for each item in the Quote, so your project team knows exactly what needs to be done. e.g. Include Design Details on an Ad placement project.

Generate Purchase Orders

BizWorks™ automatically creates Purchase Orders for Vendors associated with Quotes.

Time Tracking

Easily Track Time spent by team members on each project.

BizWorks™ Overview Video

Watch this video for a quick overview of BizWorks™ capabilities.

BizWorks™ is a one-stop solution to share Customer information, Create Quotes, Manage Projects, Track Time, and more...

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