holdingptrnmanIf your software project seems to be circling mid-flight, or if you’re having trouble even getting it off the ground, Grass Roots Software can help!

We’ve all been there.  The initial excitement of project launch has worn off, and you’re stuck trying to keep the players motivated and invested.  Maybe IT resources have been reassigned or stretched across multiple projects.  Priorities shift, but you’re still responsible for meeting deadlines.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of project management and technical experts step in and guide this one in for a landing?

takeofftoyPerhaps you have a brilliant idea, which will save your company time and money, but you don’t have an in-house development team to bring your concept to life. You’re not even sure where to start.  Would it help your idea take off, if you knew someone who could translate your concept into technical design?

The Grass Roots Software team has expertise in all facets of the software development life-cycle — Project Management, Research & Design, Implementation, Dev Ops, Quality Assurance.  Our EnCoRe approach to business keeps you involved, so you don’t have to wonder where the project stands or if it’s being implemented to your expectations.  Let us pick up your project midstream, or design it from scratch — we’ll deliver a top-notch product on time, every time.

landingWhy not let Grass Roots Software provide the momentum and expertise necessary to help you bring your project in for a smooth landing? Quotes and Estimates are always free.  Contact us to receive a 20% discount on your first project!